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If your company has a website,  you're marketing on the Internet.

However, this is just the first step. A successful online marketing strategy includes many ongoing elements. It builds on existing marketing efforts, provides unique content, exploits venues like search engines, email, newsgroups, banner ads and online media and keeps ahead of the competition.

Our eMarketing experts understand all these elements and how to put together the unique combination that best suits your business. We look forward to discussing with you the many tools available to help you build traffic, increase sales and improve your online visibility. We are dedicated to providing you with the best return on investment attainable for your Internet marketing dollar.

Permission Marketing (Opt-in / Opt-out)

Marketing is transforming, adapting, and innovating new technologies and channels at an unprecedented pace. At no other time in history have marketers had so much to work with, and so much to know.

The concept of Permission Marketing isn’t new; in fact, Seth Godin’s 1999 book about “turning strangers into friends and friends into customers” seems remarkably prescient in today’s age of “Friending,” “Liking,” and “Following.”

The challenge for marketers is to persuade consumers to volunteer attention —to agree to learn more about your company and its products.

You are at the center of that revolutionary transformation. And you are not alone.

With over 26 years of new business sales experience, billlewington web solutions can create a permission-based marketing system customized for your operation and objectives. With experience in many Contact Management Systems, we can integrate your lead gathering website into one cohesive system.

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