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Keyword & Key Phrase Selections

For a moment take yourself away from what you do. If you plan to sell something on your website, forget you have ever heard of the product. If your product is a service, forget you know anything about that service. Maybe even ask a seven year old to help you out.

This may seem silly, but it is a necessary step to choosing words that people may use for finding your products or services on the internet. These Keywords or Keyword Phrases are very important. Try not to get too sophisticated or use industry jargon in this initial set of keywords. But don't use your company name as a keyword unless the potential customers already knows the name.

Research, Research and More Research

Next, apply some basic rules to your list of keywords:

  • Do most people use singular words or plurals?
  • Do most people search in past, present or future tense?
  • Do most people search for words using adjectives?
  • Do most people search for single or multiple words?

Now, test your list of keywords and see if you find your competitor sites. Be aware that it is unethical and ill-advised to use your competitors names as keywords. Lawsuits and trademark regulations should be taken into consideration. 

How about spelling? Remember, there are many forms of spelling based on country and a great many people can not spell very well. What about grammar skills, level of schooling, people typing in ALL CAPITALS and many more relevant factors that can effect your ranking in search engines? 

  Reason for Selecting Bill Lewington Web Solutions

Don't worry, this is what we do.
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