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Keep Track Of Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing 101 always states it is extremely important to know how the money comes in. Or, in this case, how people found your site on the search engine and what terms they used in their search. By using a few marketing techniques, you can immediately simply your tracking process.

Landing Pages

A landing page can be defined as any web page a potential customer arrives at after expressing interest in one your upstream marketing efforts. The source of the marketing lead can be: a search result, banner ad, paid search ad (e.g. Google AdWords), a link in an email, QR Scan used by SmartPhones, or specific URL included in print or TV advertising.

The purpose of a landing page is to expand upon the upstream marketing effort and convince the visitor to "convert" into becoming a customer by taking a specific action. You can have many landing pages specifically targeted to a product, service or audience.

Know Thy Search Engine

By submitting Landing Pages with their own Keywords, we can now take advantage of the specific search engine to increase your ranking, if you know how the search engine sets priority to pages.

  Reason for Selecting Bill Lewington Web Solutions

Drum roll please.
We know how the search engines work. We know if tags are given priority over links from other pages; if you will be banned from the search engine for submitting incorrectly; and if the search engine uses special "spiders" to index your site.


Track Your Visitors

In some cases, your Internet Provider will provide detailed statistical reporting (e.g. WebTrends) or many sites use Google Analytics to track how many people visited your site. By monitoring these reports over time, you can identify weaknesses and strengths in your search engine strategy.

Tracking Keyword Success

Detailed access reports are important as they show you which of the Landing Pages were the most successful, what key words or phases work the best for your site. Once you narrow down the most effective words for finding your site, submit similar Landing Pages to less successful search engines.


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