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Web Development Strategy

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To build a website that achieves the optimal visitor experience and meet the needs of our client, it is necessary to develop an in-depth understanding of their business, industry, target audience, competitors and products.

We begin with a needs analysis survey. By collecting information from your management team, key customers and your competitors, it is much easier to create the "Internet Plan" and present the proposed objectives to the key decision makers. Once they understand the scope, they can make a more informed decision on the objectives and budget of the new site.

Here are just some of the advantages that a strong Web Development Strategy provides:

  • Ensures a clearly defined set of site objectives
  • Allows us to build a scalable solution that will evolve with your needs
  • Establishes a way to measure your site's success
  • Clearly defines your budgetary and time requirements
  • Assists with key management commitment to the web project

We work closely with each client to define the primary parameters of the project, identify the targeted audience and tailor the solution to the specific needs.

We gather all available data from the client, the Internet, libraries, and other sources to become familiar with the company's products, range of services and competition. We also research the potential technological difficulties and limitations.

In this phase, we design an abstract model of the site which includes:

  • Structural Look and Feel
  • Content Considerations
  • Architecture Layout
  • Functionality

We implement and present the abstract design ideas to the clients for review and feedback.

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