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Web Development Strategy

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Solution Creation

During this stage, we work with the Client to define informational content, and functional requirements to create a site layout and user interface design. Our goal is to develop the most efficient and intuitive user experience while meeting the business requirements of our Client.

This phase defines the structuring and presentation of text, graphics and interactive tools to create a user interface that is logical, intuitive and easy to use. We also define the mission/vision of the site, the content/functionality, the navigation system, the organization of information, and the search interface.

We engage with our Clients as partners, and we encourage active collaboration particularly during the solution creation development. This involves strategies such as real-time design, where our Client "sits in" with the designer, providing immediate feedback to revisions; and regular postings to a secure test site where modifications can be immediately evaluated. This constant collaboration with our clients ensures that the designs are consistently being developed and refined in the desired direction.

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