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The days of "brochure-ware" sites are over. Visitors will not wait for a PDF version of a brochure to download, and if your site has old content such as news from 1999 still in the "What's New" section, they will often not return. Visitors are looking for easier ways to accomplish their goals in less time.

But how do you overcome the expense of continual changes to your content?

By using a database driven site, you can schedule when content should change or old content should be hidden from view. In most cases, your non-technical staff can upload these changes rather than getting us to change your site.

Typical uses of database driven content includes:

  • News Items
  • Announcements
  • New products
  • Special Offers
  • Product Information
  • Price Books

Using standard products like Coldfusion, allows us to customize your visitor experience. Anything from creating a on-line store, to guiding the visitor through a complex process using a set of simple steps, our advanced knowledge of web application development begins to shine. And your visitor's experience will never be better.

To read more about web applications, see the inset below.

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What are Web Applications?

The Internet has emerged as the default platform for application development according to the IDC whitepaper on The business impact of Rich Internet Applications. The growth of technologies that marry back-office infrastructures with new web-based applications provides many opportunities such as:

  • Communications improvements with employees, customers, suppliers and partners
  • Easier to use tools as web-applications are designed to deliver content to a standard web browser
  • Faster production and lower costs to develop applications that make the web visitor's experience richer and more useful
  • Able to leverage existing systems without interfering with existing IT infrastructure

While we have passed through the hype and failure of the dot-com era, it marks the start of increased on-line electronic commerce both directly to consumers and between businesses (B2B).

Why Not Use Standard Web pages?

One key reason for web application development is the design limitations of standard HTML pages. Standard web pages can not process complex tasks. Web applications can process complex tasks using a standard web browser that is familiar and intuitive to the visitor. There is no need for downloading special applications or add-ons. Most users are becoming less tolerant to downloading anything to their systems thanks to all the SPAM and virus threats we currently are exposed to in today's Internet world.

What are Typical Tasks Completed By Web Applications?

  • Presenting information to employees, management and partners in clear, intuitive and graphically rich formats is an effective way to increase productivity, information sharing, decision making and competitive advantage in a secure manner
  • Simplify complex tasks such as registration systems, configuration or purchasing choices giving the visitor the ability to choose what will best suit their requirements
  • Provide an engaging, highly interactive website which often leads to increased sales, simplified communications and a unique on-line experience that keeps them coming back
  • Build an engaging, highly interactive website or application at a reduced cost compared to using alternative application technology