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Web-based Communications

A website is just one important aspect of marketing communications. Through your publicly available website and secure portals, you can also improve communications with potential new customers, exist customers, business partners, such as vendors, and even employees in a cost-effective and secure manner.

billlewington web solutions has created custom communication solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses as well as larger corporations and organizations.

How can we help:

Effective Target Marketing

You can distribute your marketing measure and improve communications with customers, business partners or employees with cost effective web-based technology.

Web Development Strategy

We focus on understanding our clients' goals to guide us in developing the most original, functional and cost effective web design solution possible. We utilize a highly focused and disciplined methodology to ensure a dynamic site design that more often than not, exceeds our Client's expectations.

Web Application Development

Secure access to business processes using a standard web browser gives our clients a strategic advantage over traditional web development. We custom develop applications to apply your business rules for special modules, on-line customizable reports, tracking systems, etc.

Web Maintenance

Most companies have a sound strategy to initially attract visitors to their website. By monitoring and continually enhancing your site, your visitor's experience improves as you add new features and fine-tune existing functions.

Search Strategies

You could have the most beautiful website on the Internet. You could have the most wonderful product or service. But the fact of the matter is that all of this is absolutely useless, unless people can find your web site.


Often overlooked, analytics is critical to website position. Not only does it measure your current position, but it tracks key words visitors enter to find your website and allows you to track your marketing campaigns for real actionable results.

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