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Web Design Ideas

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All of our designs are created by web designers who have years of experience building custom sites for businesses. We have several designs for you to select from so your site can be up and running quickly.

The color schemes, navigation, & content placement on all of our designs can be modified to meet your specific needs, and we allow you to select photos pertaining to your company's industry. Click on the images for a larger view.

Template Design #1

Template 1

Template Design #6

Template 6

Template Design #2

Template 2


Template Design #7

Template 7

Template Design #3

Template 3

Template Design #8

Template 8


Template Design #4

Template 4


Template Design #9

Template 9

Template Design #5

Template 5


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Custom vs. Pre-Package Website Designs

There are many reasons why a customized website stands out against a pre-packaged website.

Originality - Visitors viewing your site need to remember your company. When they see the same site design on several sites they cannot remember your company.

Customize Selling - Selling to site visitors is much more successful when they can relate your business concepts to their specific needs. The more selling points you hit, the higher your success rate.

Creativity - A good user experience is often enhanced by your site layout and the page functionality. Pre-packaged designs are more difficult to setup for specific needs.

Branding - Companies invest heavily in branding such as logos, colour schemes and marketing messages. You have already invested in your branding with your other materials, so why not re-task these resources to repeat your message in a custom site?

Is A Pre-Packaged site Cheaper? Your initial costs may appear to be lower, but once you tweak the design for the items listed above, the costs become negligeable.