About Us -Who Bill Lewington Web Solutions is and what we do

billlewington Web Solutions, a Burnaby (Vancouver), B.C. based web design company, has been providing Internet and Intranet solutions for over 23 years. Our experience and integrated business-driven approach separates us from the typical web designer.

Bill Lewington Web Solutions web design company in vancouver bc

We empower people

  • Our clients by effectively implementing, maintaining and evolving their Internet-based information technology
  • Our team with the skills, knowledge, resources and responsibility to what is necessary and right for our clients

How Do We Help You Reach Your Goals

Marketing message first, technology second
  • Defining the message for your audience is still paramount. Spinning graphics, scrolling text, fancy fonts are all tools available for the web designer, but does it help explain your message?
  • We have a sound foundation in marketing principles and many years of RLE (Real Life Experiences now at 35 years). Building on your existing marketing efforts, we help you design your website by understanding your audience, and your message.
Sound Design Principles
  • Sound design principles should always be applied to a professional business websites. You would not give your latest brochure creation task to a new employee fresh out of School, so why give your website to a similar person?
  • We have a sound foundation in marketing communications including brochures creation, graphics design, market analysis, direct database marketing and bulk direct mailers. We apply all our knowledge to your new web site design. Easy to use, fast and a clear message to your customers are our hallmarks.
Understanding of Strategic Marketing
  • Your website is one of the tools your marketing group can use for its strategic marketing mix. Your website can be designed to assist with lead generation, product promotion, communications including press releases or announcements, and market analysis.
  • With a sound understanding of strategic marketing, marketing communications and sales processes we can complement your existing marketing programs and help you achieve your goals.
Complete Sales lead Generation and Tracking
  • Your website will generate opportunities. Turning these opportunities into sales is where our experience shines. We can create a unique procedure for qualifying these opportunities before sales invests time on the leads. As a result, your sales force can focus its efforts only on pre-qualified opportunities generated from your website.
  • With over 35 years of new business sales experience, we can create a set of sales procedures, or sales tracks, customized for your operation and objectives. With experience in many Contact Management Systems, we can integrate your lead gathering website into one cohesive system.

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